The team at Meadows Health Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine wants to team up with you! Your direct involvement in your breathing and sleep health is critical to your well-being. Here are some educational opportunities we provide to assist you:

Free Smoking Cessation Classes

No matter how long or how frequently you’ve smoked, quitting now will improve your health and lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease and other smoking-related illnesses. Classes are scheduled weekly for three weeks, followed by a fourth and final session one month later. These classes are available at the Mercy Medical Clinic.

Call Mercy Medical Clinic at 912.524.4000 to:

  • Learn more about our classes
  • Get information on the next class schedule
  • Register for a class

CPAP Support Group

If a CPAP system is the gateway to your sleep health, let the sleep experts at Meadows Health help you gain the most benefit from this equipment. Our CPAP support group provides information about various sleep and CPAP-related topics. Here you can discuss any issues you may be having with sleep and your CPAP machine. Our experts along with equipment manufacturers and other patients will work together to help you find solutions and suggestions to answer your questions about using and maintaining your system and achieving the best possible outcomes. If you have any questions or need help with your machine or mask, we also have a Clinical Sleep Educator onsite that can answer in questions. Just give us a call or stop by one of our three convenient locations.

Call 888.207.0008 to:

  • Learn more about our CPAP Support Group
  • Get information on the group's meeting schedule
  • Speak with our Clinical Sleep Educator for questions about your machine or mask